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Can Becoming Healthier Make you Rich?

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Can becoming healthier make you rich?

By Lorie Jones

              Many people believe a healthy lifestyle requires expensive gym memberships and large time commitments, however getting your bank account in shape could be as easy as getting yourself in shape! The immediate benefits include saving on food costs and better life insurance premiums, but a healthy lifestyle will also provide you with invaluable goal setting techniques and a longer lifespan with a few simple changes.

              Food is an important part of healthy living, and the average person spends about $3,000 a year on their food, which makes up about 6% of an average yearly income.[3] Many people believe that junk food is cheaper than traditionally healthy foods because junk food has a lower cost per calorie, but that is not true. Processed junk foods that are high in calories do not provide quality vitamins and nutrients that will keep you filled longer and help your body build healthy bones and muscles. Grains, Fruits, and Veggies all provide long lasting nutritional support, and were all found to be cheaper sources of food long-term for households then junk food in a recent USDA study. [2]  This not only makes your feel better every day, but it keeps you out of the doctor’s office, which leads to a healthier bank balance as well. 

              Life insurance is another big spending area for those who buy it (and at Fidelis Wealth we recommend you have an appropriate level of life insurance to protect against any unforeseen life events). The biggest and easiest way to cut down your monthly life insurance payments would be to quit smoking if you have a smoking habit. On average people who smoke end up paying 300%+ more than a non-smoker of the same age, and those costs add up quick! Other unhealthy lifestyles choices also affect your payments like being obese.  Obesity will generally cost you an extra $20 more a month on your life insurance premiums and people with high cholesterol will pay upwards of $30.[4] Just 4 miles of running a week (which is only about 20 minutes 4 days a week, if your run is more of a brisk walk like me) reduces your risk of obesity and cholesterol by 45%, so running is a cheap and effective way to save some money on those payments!


           Most importantly, the life skills you develop from dedicating yourself to a healthy lifestyle will translate to more money in your investment accounts as well.  It takes self-discipline both to get and stay healthy, and to increase your savings accounts.  Most American’s have less than $4,000 dollars in savings at any time.  Imagine taking the money that you are saving on insurance and doctors’ visits, and saving that instead.  Emergencies and accidents can happen in life, almost 39% of Americans would not have the savings to deal with such emergencies according to one savings study.[5] Being fiscally responsible can help you put away that money so you can feel secure knowing you have it safe for a rainy day.

              A few simple steps, done consistently over time can build a healthier body, a healthier lifestyle, a healthier bank account, and most importantly, a healthier you!







Nancy Tagovailoa


Nancy has worked in the financial services industry for the past 25 years.  She is passionate about providing an unforgettable customer experience throughout onboarding, account opening and throughout the relationship.  Nancy works hard to make the client experience as easy and efficient as possible.



Nancy was born in Norfolk, Nebraska, but has been in Colorado since she was 6 months old so considers herself a native.   In her free time, she enjoys gardening, painting, and spending time with her family and grandchildren.  Nancy lives in Centennial, Colorado with her husband, Lima.

Karley Winder

Karley Winder recently joined Fidelis Wealth Advisors as an intern. She is an undergraduate at Arapahoe Community College and is soon transferring to University of Colorado Denver business school to earn her Bachelor’s in Financial Management. Karley also has several years of entrepreneurial experience from starting her own local businesses. She has sincere interest in the field of finance and is eager to gain experience.


Karley is a Colorado native and has lived in Castle Rock since she was a young girl. She enjoys horseback riding, Pilates, and mountain biking in her free time.

Rilee Erickson

Rilee comes to Fidelis Wealth Advisors with a background in Financial Services, having previous experience in property and casualty insurance, as well as life insurance. Rilee graduated from the University of Wyoming with a Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness and Horticulture Sciences. Rilee’s passion is helping people protect their family and their future.


Rilee is a Wyoming native and resides in Big Piney, Wyoming with her husband and two boys. Rilee enjoys spending a lot of time outdoors and exploring the beautiful and rugged Wyoming Range.

Skye Fineran

Skye comes to Fidelis Wealth Advisors as an Administrative Assistant in 2021 and is a recent graduate from West Texas A&M University. There she earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management. Skye also completed Amarillo College’s paralegal certification program. Skye enjoys the rewarding feeling of helping clients to achieve their financial goals and looks forward to making a difference at Fidelis Wealth Advisors.


Skye grew up in Tecumseh, Michigan and currently resides in Castle Rock, Colorado with her family. Skye loves art history, playing golf, and spending time with her family and friends.

RIA Innovations

Fidelis Wealth Advisors has a strategic partnership with RIA Innovations, a Division of NWAM, LLC. RIA Innovations provides administrative support services for registered investment advisors nationwide. This service is under the direction of Nelly Mubashi, the Chief Operating Officer.


NWAM, LLC, dba Northwest Asset Management & RIA Innovations is an SEC registered investment adviser. NWAM, LLC dba Northwest Asset Management & RIA Innovations and Fidelis Wealth Advisors, LLC are not affiliated companies.

Gabriel Jones

Gabe started with Fidelis Wealth Advisors as an Investment Research Assistant in 2018, and has an intense passion for investment research.

Gabe is currently in college to obtain his Bachelors in Finance, and enjoys spending time outside of work hiking and reading.

Dawn Folmer

Dawn Folmer comes to Fidelis Wealth Advisors with a background in the finance industry, having previous experience with a registered investment advisory firm in Denver. Dawn is a recent graduate of Colorado State University Global, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Leadership. As a skilled financial planning assistant, she enjoys the rewarding feeling of helping people reach their financial dreams and retirement goals.


Dawn is a Colorado native and resides in Castle Rock with her family, where they enjoy being adventurous and active in the outdoors. Additionally, she is passionate about travel, food, and playing golf.

Jeff Bullock

Jeff joined Fidelis Wealth Advisors after spending nearly 10 years working at J.P. Morgan Wealth Management in their Private Bank. As Chief Investment Officer, he is responsible for the overall investment strategy, portfolio construction, and market insights for clients.


Jeff held various roles during his decade at J.P. Morgan, including working as an investment specialist on their trading desk, where he was responsible for managing and trading investment portfolios for High Net-Worth families and non-profit foundations throughout the Rocky Mountain region. Jeff helped co-manage over $4.0 billion of investment assets and gained broad experience in portfolio construction and investment strategy, as well as in-depth knowledge in a variety of asset classes and markets. In recent years, Jeff was part of the leadership team that trained new advisors and established an expansion office in Utah.


Jeff loves helping people with their money-related questions and management. Very simply, his goal is to help others continuously improve their financial situation, regardless of the current condition. His framework centers around sound advice and proper decision-making by engaging in honest discussion and taking a long-term approach.


Jeff holds a B.S. in Accounting from Brigham Young University. He is a native to Colorado and loves playing golf and being outdoors. He lives in Highlands Ranch with his wife Nicole, and their two children.

Lorie C. Jones, MBA, CFP®

Lorie began working in financial services in 2013 with a Registered Investment Advisory firm in South Denver. She started as a paraplanner and provided technology and operations support before transitioning to a Client Services Manager role with Empower Retirement. There she managed a book of 300+ Core Market plans before joining Fidelis Wealth Advisors.

Lorie enjoys the challenges presented by financial planning and is rewarded by helping clients thoroughly understand the complexities of finance so they can be better informed and in control of their planning.

In addition to securities licenses, she holds health, life, accident, property, and casualty insurance licenses in the state of Colorado and completed her CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation from the CFP® Board of Standards. She is also a member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA).

Lorie graduated from Colorado State University with an MBA. She enjoys running and has participated in several marathons and half-marathons around the country. She also enjoys hiking with her family, traveling with her husband David and their five children, and working with the cub scout and boy scout programs, including volunteering with the district.